Saturday, January 01, 2011

Fresh Bacardi Mojitos

Cheers! As promised below is my recipe for these fantastic, refreshing Bacardi Mojitos. 
Please note you do not need "Bacardi" rum to make these, you can use any kind of rum!

The best Mojito I ever had was at one of the hidden restaurants inside the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. It literally took the bartender five minutes to make my drink, and me and my two other friends were only the customers there. This is my speedy version of the classic Cuban drink, and an ode to a bartender who his took his time but made it right! I hope you enjoy this, cheers!

You will need brown sugar, fresh mint leaves, a muddler, a tall Mojito or Collins glass, rum, sweet and sour, limes and soda water. 
First, add 3-4 fresh mint leaves, a teaspoon of brown sugar, and a slice of lime in your glass.
Muddle the ingredients with a muddler until the leaves are bruised and the sugar has dissolved.
Fill glass with ice and pour in one shot of Bacardi Rum.
Add equal parts of sweet and sour and soda water and stir. 
Garnish the drink with a fresh lime slice.

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