Saturday, December 18, 2010

Top 10 Things I'm Wishing For this Holiday Season

Let me start off by saying, nowhere in this post have I written "world peace" or "end hunger", this is strictly a self-serving list of things that I am wishing for this holiday season. Please note, they are not in chronological order either, I want number 10 as much as I want number 5, they are not not ranked in any way. They are pure in the pleasure and excitement they provide me when I look at the pretty packaging they come in. Enjoy!

(I also had to pull these photos off the internet, so I apologize ahead of time if any of them are a bit fuzzy)

Number 1

Not only did this product wind up on Oprah's favorite things list, she's on the box! That is a baby picture of larger than life Oprah on the box of this creamy, lighter than air, moisturizer. Besides the "Oprah" factor, this is an award winning product and does not cost as much as some of the higher end moisturizers.

Number 2

Yes! I saw Julie & Julia, yes, I loved it. Yes, I want to learn to cook like Julie & Julia did. I was lucky enough to be raised in a family, by a mother who cooked different styles of food from different regions, I have learned a lot over the years, for which I am thankful. 

Unfortunately France was not one of the regions covered in my culinary upbringing, 'nuff said.

Number 3

If you've looked at any of my posts,  you would notice I keep it old school. I use a whisk and a wooden spoon (see Spritz Cookie post from yesterday), sadly enough this is not by choice. I am not only wishing, I am hoping, praying and writing a letter to Santa for one of these baby's. Come home to mama!

Number 4

Unfortunately, one of those baby's  (#3) can run you up to $300 big ones and I am sure the economy has effected good ole' Santy Claus too. So the more practical me, has added a hand mixer to the list!
" small step for man, one giant leap for mankind...".
Number 5 (Ha...ha...get it?)
Chanel is my guilty pleasure.

Chanel, chanel, chanel...there's nothing left to say.

Number 6

I <3 the look of this bag! It's so casual and comfy looking I almost want to crawl inside! 
The perfect bag to go with a T-shirt & jeans kind of day.

Number 7

Over the years I have collected and perfected many recipes, and they are sad. Their written or typed out on sheets of paper that have remnants of their ingredients on them! Not to mention they are all stuffed into pages of an old holiday edition cooking magazine I love, but misplace often. 

Number 8

No, not the ENTIRE store, but a beautiful lamb's wool blend heather gray cardigan that felt like I had wrapped myself in clouds! It would go perfectly with #6.

(Sorry I couldn't find the sweater online)

Number 9

I'm  a simple person, a little wine will go a long way! Well not really... but figuratively speaking.

Number 10

The fireside long jane pajama by Victoria's Secret. They are soft & warm, yet practical enough to wear around the house all day (umm...if you like that sort of thing).

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you get whatever you are wishing for this holiday season!

Oh alright...and world peace too! :)

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